How much will I earn as a Swedish doctor working in Denmark?

At nytlæ we know there is great interest from Danish hospitals in recruiting skilled doctors from Sweden. As a Swedish doctor you might be surprised that there is not much paperwork involved, that job opportunities are plenty and the salary is good.

The obvious question is of course: how much will I earn as a Swedish doctor in Denmark?

Fortunately there are two online calculaters available that – combined- will give you an estimate of your earnings in Denmark, provided that you are paid by a Danish employer.

Firstly, you have to figure out how much you will earn (approximately).
Secondly, you put this into the tax calculator….
These two steps combined will give you an estimate.

Step 1: How much will I earn?
You can estimate how much you will earn as a non-specialist (Læge trin 1 & Læge trin 2) and as a junior specialist (specialist with less than five years of experience) from this free, online calculator from The Danish Medical Association

It is important to note that the calculator shows your the basic salary. In addition, to this salary you will be paid extra on top of the normal hourly salary, for evening, nights and weekend shifts. The site states the rates as well (on the results page).

As a specialist with > 5 years of experience you should expect a salary of roughly 1 mio dkr/year including pensions, when working full time as a consultant in a public hospital.

Step 2: How much will I pay in taxes ?
That depends on several factors.
You can estimate taxes by using this online calculator: Skatteberäkning för lön i Danmark (

If you are commuting from Sweden to Denmark for work, ie. living in Sweden but working in Denmark for a Danish employer, then you could be taxed with the so-called SINK skat.
The tax is 25% flat rate which can make it a pretty good deal.
However, you have to have your salary (and therefore taxes) from Denmark.

If you wages are  72.500 DKK /month (2023) you could use experttskat (forskerskatteordning), which is an incetive scheme to attract highly educated professionals. As a consultant (overlæge) you will typically be above this threshold and thus be entitled to this solution.

By combining step 1 and Step 2 you can get a quick estimate of your income in Denmark as a Swedish doctor.

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