Terms and Conditions

This jobsite accepts ads regarding job opportunities for doctors in Denmark, Scandinavia or elsewhere. We accept ads about locum posts, permanent jobs and volunteer opportunities.

Terms and conditions are simple:

  • The jobs listed should reflect specific, real job openings and opportunities for doctors.
  • An ad cost from 0,- Danish kroner 
  • All contact between employer and potential applicants will be directely between the two. Nytlægejob.dk is not a recruitment agency or a locum agency.
  • Listings are on the site for 29 days. However, lisitings in the categories “General Practice” and “Humanitarian Organizations” might be online for longer.
  • Nytlægejob.dk can delete any listing, at any time is doing so protects the site or its users from spam or other intrusions.
  • Nytlægejob.dk can make minor editorial corrections in ads and modify headlines. You will be asked about major changes – minor stuff we will just take care of right away.
  • We do not really take any responsibility for errors in the ads (made by you or us), technical breakdowns ect. We would give you a refund – but the ads are free of charge to post, so we can’t…
  • Space for bannerads can be bought – just ask.

Questions? Write us at: kontakt@nytlaegejob.dk