Medical Santo needs Doctors, Nurses,  Paramedics and Dentist volunteers to  ensure the ongoing provision of health  

services to the people of Northern  Vanuatu.  

We especially require a long term doctor  and can provide some financial assistance  for this position.

How you can help? 

If you are in a position to consider  volunteering please contact us now.  Do you know some medical professionals who may be interested in volunteering? We would appreciate you passing this  information on and encouraging them to  come to Medical Santo. 

What you provide A life changing experience! 

This is a wonderful and challenging opportunity  to provide much needed health care in a  developing country. You will make an ongoing contribution to many communities in one of the  most beautiful parts of the world. During down  time there are shipwrecks, diving, beautiful  beaches, caves, tropical orests and lovely people to meet and get to know.

How we support you 

Medical Santo has a team supporting volunteers in-country to assist  with the application process and are available for consultation and  advice from enquiry through to your return. Medical Santo is based  in Luganville and operates a GP clinic where staff are available on  the ground to supervise, support and guide volunteers during their  stay. We also provide medical outreaches to numerous rural  communities and outer islands. 

The volunteer program covers: 

Pre-departure orientation, 

Corporate Travel, Personal Injury and Accident Insurance, Volunteer accommodation, 

Airport transfers in Vanuatu, 

In-country orientation and cultural awareness training, Volunteer uniforms for the duration of your stay, 

You will be contributing your skills, knowledge and time to support the  ongoing medical services program. Unlike government funded  international aid programs, Medical Santo is not in a position to fully  cover all expenses associated with volunteering. 

Volunteers will need to pay for the following: 

✔ Registration fee 

Return airfares  

General living expenses during their placement such as food,  mobile phone costs and recreational activities 

Costs associated with immunisation 

Family is welcome and appropriate accommodation can be provided.  Contact us to discuss and confirm your details. 

Contact us NOW! 

For more information contact