Erfarne kirurger søges til ekspertpanel hos en start-up virksomhed

We are an innovative medical education startup that specialises in
creating industry-leading healthcare video learning content and
Led by surgeon Dr Glyn Estebanez, our talented team prides
itself in using cutting-edge digital technology, CGI animations and
real-life footage to enhance traditional learning experiences....not
replicate them.

Are you a surgical educator who wants to make a difference in global medical education? We are looking for leading senior clinicians and surgeons to join our growing expert network and help us revolutionise the delivery of online medical learning. Contributing to our expert panel is rewarding, time efficient and easy.

Role description
    Provide expert knowledge and advice regarding learning content creation
    Review clinical videos and questions prior to online publication
    Take part in interactive online and social media activities
    Contribute to our high-quality collection of clinical photography and video footage
    Nurture the next generation of doctors by providing career advice

    Be part of a community of experts creating world-class medical learning
    Help nurture the next generation of young doctors
    Raise your expert profile through our online activities
    Showcase your expertise through contributing to our surgical/procedural video demonstrations

If you're interested in this exciting opportunity, please contact (including your CV) our Senior Clinical Editor

 Dr Wen Ling Choong at

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